We are always looking for inspiring local businesses to form great working relationships with. This normally involves offering a 25% discount to our 'Partners' clients and customers. Below are the partners we are currently working with and a little bit of an insight in them and their ethos.

  • Citibase Static Alt
    Cave Brighton Partnership Mouseover Personal Training

    The Cave, run by Caveman Dan, has no traditional gym machines, no mirrors and no excuses. Their facility is situated overlooking picturesque Withdean Park and has a selection of kit that will get you into the best shape of your life, if you are prepared to work hard; expect to use Kettlebells, Plyometric Boxes, Chin-up Racks, Ropes, Weighted Sleds and more.

    As Caveman Dan puts it, "We aim to cut through the hear-say and nonsense surrounding fitness. To simplify. To provide any individual, at any level, with pure functional movement, natural strength, and a body and mind that they can be proud of and excel with".

    So what are you waiting or Cave dwellers? Contact Dan today.
  • Bar Mob Partnerships Static Street Workout
    Bar Mob Partnerships Mouseover Street Workout

    Are a street workout team that incorporate calisthenics, bar workouts and other bodyweight only exercises. By far the cheapest, most fun and rewarding way to achieve your goals and a great body!

    Their mission is to show you that you don't need gym memberships or fancy equipment to get the body you want! You can workout any where, any time, any place just by using your imagination and your own bodyweight.

    They aim is to promote calisthenics and street workout in communities all over the world and help get fitness parks built. It's the future!

    Contact Aslan (one of ITV's Ninja Warrior course testers) for more information on their various classes.
  • Bird Studios Partnerships Static Dance Studio
    Bird Studios Partnerships Mouseover Dance Studio

    At Bird Studios - not only do they offer dance studio’s and rehearsal rooms for hire for an eclectic mix of music drama and dance classes, they have their very own performing arts academy for all ages.

    Whether you are a pro that needs to keep match fit, ready to train for the professional world, record with your band, learn an instrument, or use music and performing arts socially, Bird Studios opens it’s doors to welcome you - whatever your age - whatever your level!

    Contact Colin or Mia now for more information.
  • Jermayne Williams
    Jermayne Williams

    I am a personal trainer, fitness and lifestyle coach in Brighton, UK and have been in the field for over 10 years. I am a body building enthusiast and recently became a finalist in the UKBFF Championship. I am a nutritional advisor and trainee pilates instructor.

    Through empathy, determination and an open-minded nature, I have been lucky enough to help many people through positive transformation and hold advocacy to health, wellbeing and happier living.

    If you're interested in becoming fit, having a healthier mindset and looking for genuine change, contact me to see how I can help.
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